Project Registry


The registry provides a simple role system that can be used by projects integrating with the registry.

There are two roles available: owner and member.



The owner is the most privileged role in a profile. There can only be one owner at a time on a profile. Only the owner address has the ability to:

  • Update the profile metadata
updateProfileMetadata(bytes32 _profileId, Metadata memory _metadata)
  • Add or remove profile members:
addMembers(bytes32 _profileId, address[] memory _members)
removeMembers(bytes32 _profileId, address[] memory _members)
  • Change the profile name
// Note that this call will also update the profile anchor
updateProfileName(bytes32 _profileId, string memory _name)
  • Transfer ownership to a new address
updateProfilePendingOwner(bytes32 _profileId, address _pendingOwner)

Setting the Owner

The owner is set to msg.sender when the profile is created.

Updating the Owner

The only way to update the owner is to have the existing owner transfer ownership. To do this requires two calls.

  • First, the current owner must set the new owner as the pending owner.
  • Second, the pending owner must accept the owner role.

Updating the owner will remove all privileges from the previous owner.

// Update can only be called by the current owner.
updateProfilePendingOwner(bytes32 _profileId, address _pendingOwner);
// Accept can only be called by the pending owner. 
// Transfer is complete after this call.
acceptProfileOwnership(bytes32 _profileId);



Members do not have any special privileges in Registry.sol and there can be many members on a profile.

Being a member allows other contracts to verifiy that a wallet is associated with a given project. Members may have privileges on other contracts. For example, members and owners are allowed to create a pool for the project through Allo.sol.

Adding or Removing Members

Members must be added or removed by the profile owner.

addMembers(bytes32 _profileId, address[] memory _members)
removeMembers(bytes32 _profileId, address[] memory _members)