Project Registry
Anchors and Ids

IDs and Anchors

There are two unique identifiers in the Allo registry, Ids and Anchors. Both can be used to represent a project, but they serve different purposes within the Allo ecosystem.

Profile Ids

Profile ids are a permanent, internal representation of a project. They are returned when a profile is created and are derived from the nonce and sender address.

Profile Ids are generally not used outside of the project registry, except to create a pool in Allo.sol.


Anchors are an on-chain address that represents the project globally.

When a profile is created, an Anchor.sol contract is deployed and an anchor address is assigned. Anchors are mutable, and are updated whenever the project name is changed.

Anchors serve two main functions in the registry:

  1. They serve as a project escrow account. Funds can be sent to and withdrawn from the anchor address.

  2. The anchor can accrue reputation for the project. It can represent the project in any attestations, be used as a soul-bound token, or used as a pointer in a registry.

Compare and Contrast

persistent, stablemutable, unstable
Can receive funds
Can hold tokens