Project Registry


Profiles contain details about Allo participants. An Allo registry profile is required to create a pool. It is also recommended that strategies use Allo profiles for their recipients, but it is not required.

Profile Structure

struct Profile {
    uint256 nonce;
    string name;
    Metadata metadata;
    address owner;
    address anchor;
FieldData TypeNotes
nonceuint256A unique uint (any value not already used)
namestringThe profile name.
metadataMetadataSee the metadata section below for more details.
owneraddressThe wallet address of the profile owner.
anchoraddressThe unique id assigned to the profile when it is created.


Offchain metadata can be stored in the project registry using the Metadata struct.

struct Metadata {
    uint256 protocol;
    string pointer;
FieldData TypeNotes
protocoluint256An id from the list of available protocols.
pointerstringThe pointer to the off chain data.

Currently, the only protocol id available is '1' for IPFS. For more details on details see MetaPtrProtocol.sol (opens in a new tab)

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For more information about how to create and update a profile, including sample code, see Create Profile and Update Profile pages.