Project Registry

Project Registry

The Allo v2 Project Registry (opens in a new tab) is intended to be used as a resource for all Allo participants. Registry data can be used to establish trust between parties, build new tools, or offer insights into the ecosystem.

The core component of the registry is the profile. Profiles contain information about groups and individuals who wish to be part of the Allo ecosystem. Once a profile has been created, it can be used to run or participate in pools. All registry data, including profiles and event details, are stored on-chain and can be accessed through a subgraph.

Building on the Project Registry

The registry also offers builders the chance to create tooling for the Allo ecosystem. Some examples of what registry data could be used to create include:

  • Dashboards visualizing grant distribution data
  • Incentive programs based on Allo events
  • Targeted recruitment for pools
  • Impact evaluation for grants programs

Profile information

Each profile on the registry contains the following details:

  • Id
  • Name
  • Metadata
  • Owner address
  • Array of member addresses

These details can be set when the profile is created using the createProfile function. They can be updated by the profile owner using the updateProfileName updateProfileMetadata updateProfilePendingOwner acceptProfileOwnership and addMembers functions.

Next Steps

If you are interested in running a pool, see the Allo page for next steps after creating your Project Registry profile.

For more information on Allo strategies, see Strategies.