Project Registry

Project Registry

The project registry is a universal, onchain registry of anyone receiving or distributing capital through Allo. Once registered, a project can create pools of funding tied to that profile or apply to receive funding from another pool in Allo. Profiles in the registry roughly equate to organizations and can distribute and/or receive funding in Allo. We imagine some projects will do both. We also imagine the registry of projects will be useful beyond Allo.

The goal of the Registry is to help projects accrue reputation and easily find new sources of funding or to distribute capital to meaningful projects.

Project Profiles

When a project registers, it is given a unique address that it can use to represent itself onchain. This address can be used for many things, including:

  • Receiving funds distributed through an allocation strategy
  • Be the subject of an attestation (i.e. attesting to the project managers having been KYC'ed)
  • Hold a Soul-bound Token demonstrating that the project is a member of a larger community, like a DAO

Because projects are represented by addresses, allocation strategies can include automated eligibility checks - like checking the balance of SBT.