Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Thank you for your desire to contribute to Allo!

Below you will find some ways to help, but please don't feel limited by them. If you have any other ideas, pop by our Discord (opens in a new tab).


Building on top of the protocol is a great way to get involved and contribute to the ecosystem.

One easy way to get involved is to create your own allocation strategy. The pieces of an allocation strategy give you a lot of room to explore and play around with different mechanisms.

Another way to contribute to the Allo ecosystem is to build new tools (front ends, apps, products, etc) for communities to allocate capital. Allo Protocol serves as the base-layer, but we need devs like you to build interesting products on top of it!

Join the Community

If you have other ideas and want help on how to build them, introduce yourself in Discord (opens in a new tab) in the 🛠allo-protocol-builders channel.

We also host weekly dev calls and have a (small) community on Telegram for people actively building on Allo. Apply to join here (opens in a new tab)