Building a Query

Begin on the provided GraphiQL endpoint. (opens in a new tab)

Along the left side are all the available models for query. As mentioned in Data, the most common models involve project, round, and application.


The identifying information for a query is typically in purple and near the top. The most important parameters are:

Tip: if you're able to find a round or application in the Gitcoin Explorer (opens in a new tab), the URL will be of the format /#/round/chainId/roundId/[application id]

Not all models will use all three id types. For example, the rounds model only requires a chainId and will return rounds on the provided chain.

Return data

The return section (typically coloured blue) will depend on the model used. Due to the connected nature of the data types, entire models can be found nested within others. One could query an individual application, or find it inside a round.

It is best practice to use the lightest model possible for a query. If the chain, round, and application are all known, then the singular application query would be the fastest.


The below applications query will read out the application id, project name, and the number of unique donors for all applications to a given round. The round was the dApps & Apps (opens in a new tab) round of GG20. The round URL reveals roundId: "25", and it took place on Arbitrum (chainId: 42161).

Data Models