Data Models

Indexer contains many models, the most pertinent related to project, round, and application:

  • A Project can be a funds-seeking team, or a funds-providing organization (typically called a "program"). Both can have multiple applications or rounds.
  • A Round is a specific time-dependent funding initiative sponsored by a program. Teams fill out applications to rounds they qualify for.
  • An Application is a form filled out by a team seeking funding. Applications are specific to a round.

All rounds and applications are memorialized on an EVM-compatible blockchain. These chains are identified by a unique chainId (opens in a new tab), often used as a top-level property for queries.

You can remember each chain has many rounds, and each round has many applications.

In the below sample, chainId: 42161 reflects the Arbitrum mainnet (opens in a new tab), with roundId: "25" being the dApps & Apps (opens in a new tab) round run April 23 - May 8, 2024.

Specific guides on querying using GraphiQL and the API also exist further in the docs.

Data Models