Getting Involved

Help us build Allo and empower communities to fund their shared needs
Thank you for your desire to contribute to Allo!
Below you will find some ways to help, but please don't feel limited by them. If you have any other ideas, pop by our Discord.


Building on top of the protocol is a great way to get involved and contribute to the ecosystem.
One easy way to get involved is to create your own, custom voting or payout strategies. By combining these in interesting ways, you can use the power of Quadratic Funding to do anything you can think of.
If you have other ideas and want help on how to build them, join the Allo Builders group on Telegram or introduce yourself in Discord.


We welcome all code contributions, large and small. Before you select a PR, please review our Contributing and Setup guides and familiarize yourself with the roadmap. Join our Discord and introduce yourself to the team and they can help get you oriented.